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kill it at work

without killing yourself

without killing yourself

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Killin' it at Work without Killing Yourself

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You are doing everything you can to get ahead in your career, and in return getting behind in caring for the person who matters most.


In this guide to career wellness, you will find solutions for the adrenal fatigue cycle your body tends to go through in just one day of living in the grind. Take these 5 proactive steps for optimal focus and endurance during this season of life.


I'm looking forward to walking this journey with you.

Are you confident that your long work hours and devotion to climbing the ladder aren't wreaking havoc on the inside? 
Tricia Weiss

Meet Tricia 

An entrepreneur of four small businesses with over $150k in annual sales, Tricia is also a former corporate 6-figure leader, trainer and business developer, blogger & motivational speaker. She is skilled at finding hidden revenue sources that will lift you up while you are navigating your career and finding your purpose. 

With a background in high volume retail stores, Tricia knows all too well that high achieving women put their health on the line to kill it in their careers and climb the coveted corporate ladder. After a decade in the corporate world, Tricia exited the traditional workforce to spend time growing her small business ventures and to raise her young children. In the months to follow, her body let her know just how little she was taking care of herself. She suffered severe adrenal fatigue and GI issues that led her to being on an all-liquid diet. After digging in, she found the solutions needed to live in order to succeed. Now, she shares that knowledge with fellow

high-achieving young professional women and coaches proactive self-care {which she affectionately calls “luxury care”} so they can kill it at work without killing themselves. 


Tricia is an Iowa native. She spent 10 years building her career in Orlando, Florida. She now resides in Colorado with her husband and their four children.

Meet Tricia
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"I am in high volume sales and everything Tricia talks about exactly describes my day-to-day life. She empowered me to implement small changes and was the most present coach I've ever had."
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"Tricia introduced me to tension, focus & migraine support that WORKED even after chiropractic care, massage & diet changes would not. Now, I am proactive about my health to stop issues before they start- something I had no idea you could even do before I met Tricia!"
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"In just one coaching call with her, she opened my eyes to multiple ways I was harming myself that I had never thought of before. It's no wonder I felt like I had sludge running through my veins--because I did! Everything was suffering; from sleep to anxiety to weight gain."

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